FAQ: Finance

Q: What happens to the judgments, liens, mortgages etc., if there are any on the property?

A: The County makes no representation that any parcel is free from judgments, liens or mortgages. Research should be done prior to bidding.

Q: Can I visit the property or start working on the property if I am the successful bidder?

A: No. Possession of the property is forbidden until the deed is recorded with the Ulster County Clerk.  Title vests upon the recording of the deed.

Q: Will I get clear title?

A: No.   If your bid is accepted and approved by the Ulster County Legislature, a Quitclaim Deed conveying the County’s interest will be issued.

Q: What happens to the properties left over from the Auction?

A: A list of the properties left over from the auction is compiled and available about a month after the auction.  Once the list is available, the properties are available for sale on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Can I purchase property at the Auction with a credit card?

A: No. Payment must be in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check, cash or money order.

Q: Can I bid online or over the phone?

A: No.  You must be present or send a representative to bid for you.

Q: How often does Ulster County hold Public Auctions?

A: Once a year, generally in the Spring.

Q: When does my property become eligible for foreclosure?

A: Properties become eligible for foreclosure when a tax is three years old.  Even if you have only one year of tax due, if that tax is three years old, you will receive a Notice of Foreclosure.

Q: Where do I apply for the STAR exemption? How do I find out what other exemptions I may qualify for?

A: Contact your town assessor to apply for or inquire about any exemption including STAR.  Please note, the STAR exemption applies only to school taxes and is only applied to a primary residence.  The STAR exemption does not apply to vacant land, commercial property, investment property or second/vacation homes.

Q: Why did I receive a notice about unpaid taxes when I have a payment plan with the County?

A: Notices are sent for the duration of the contract/payment plan, including a Notice of Foreclosure if your contract includes a tax that is three years old.  Taxes are considered unpaid until the contract is paid in full.