FAQ: All

Q: How do I become eligible?

A: If you have lived in New York State for over one year and in Ulster County during any time in the last six months, you are eligible for a partial certificate.  If you have lived in the County for all of the last six months you are eligible for a full certificate.

Q: How does collecting the 2% tax benefit my business?

A: The 2% tax pays for promotion of tourism in Ulster County, including places to stay, places to visit and places to dine.

Q: How do I collect the 2% occupancy tax?

A: The 2% occupancy tax is an additional fee to the one you charge for accommodations.  Ulster County mandates the collection of the 2% occupancy room tax to be remitted every quarter.  Each quarter you will receive an Occupancy Tax Return form from the Department of Finance to be completed and returned.  Interest and penalty will apply to returns not filed within 20 days of the due date.  The collection of the 2% tax applies to all establishments that rent rooms on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, unless it exceeds 90 consecutive days.

Q: How do I register my establishment?

A: Per your request, the Department of Finance sends an Occupancy Tax Packet, along with a registration form, to be completed and returned.  The Packet explains the law and the requirements for new establishments.  After receiving your registration, you will receive a Certificate of Authority from the Department of Finance which is to be posted in your place of business.

Q: Do I have to register with Ulster County if I rent a room, rooms or a house as a vacation rental by owner?

A: Yes, the Code of the County of Ulster Ch. 312, Art. III, Sec. 312 requires the registration of vacation rentals by owner, bed and breakfast, hotel or motel, bungalows or any establishment that provides overnight accommodations to collect the mandated 2% occupancy tax.

Q: Does the County evict the former owner of the property?

A: Evictions, if necessary, are the sole responsibility of the successful bidder once the deed has been recorded.

Q: Will I have to pay the back taxes as well as my bid?

A: No. Your bid includes all back taxes.

Q: What happens to the judgments, liens, mortgages etc., if there are any on the property?

A: The County makes no representation that any parcel is free from judgments, liens or mortgages. Research should be done prior to bidding.

Q: Can I visit the property or start working on the property if I am the successful bidder?

A: No. Possession of the property is forbidden until the deed is recorded with the Ulster County Clerk.  Title vests upon the recording of the deed.

Q: Will I get clear title?

A: No.   If your bid is accepted and approved by the Ulster County Legislature, a Quitclaim Deed conveying the County’s interest will be issued.