Division of Emergency Medical Services


Pamela Finnerty, Deputy/Director EMS Coordinator

238 Golden Hill Lane
Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: 845-331-7000
Fax: 845-331-1738
E-mail: pfin[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us

It is the duty of the County EMS Coordinator to provide oversight, logistical support, and expertise to Ulster County's EMS personnel, EMS training programs, EMS agencies, hospitals, and related emergency service and health organizations to assure effective delivery of quality prehospital care and transport of the sick and injured.

During mutual aid emergencies and disasters in which services of EMS providers will be used, the County EMS Coordinator shall coordinate with appropriate local, regional, county, and State agencies to maintain quality of care given, and assure safe and effective transportation of the sick and injured.

The County EMS Coordinator is also Ulster County's New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services contact and is responsible for identifying additional funding sources for EMS education and preparedness.

Working closely with, and directly reporting to the Ulster County Office of Emergency Management, the EMS Coordinator takes a very active role in preparing to meet the needs of the health and safety of the 183,000 citizens and visitors of the County of Ulster.

The Ulster County Emergency Services Council and the Ulster County Ambulance Association are comprised of volunteer and commercial ambulance squads from throughout the county. 

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