Ulster Country FOIL Request Information


Ulster County's NYS Freedom of Information Law records access officers. (AS OF 8/3/2022) 

NOTE:  Consumer Fraud Bureau, see District Attorney -- Real Property Tax Service Agency, see Finance


FOIL Officer

Alternate FOIL Officer

Aging (Office for the) Ellen Scheerer Judy Riley
County Attorney Kristin Gumaer Dante De Leo
County Clerk Alice Lawlis Laurie Hancock
Comptroller Evan Gallo Steven Ross
District Attorney Joan Lamb, Esq.  
Board of Elections (R) Thomas Turco John Quigley
Board of Elections (D) Ashley Dittus Jen Fuentes
Emergency Services/Mgmt. Everett Erichsen Andrew Cafaldo
Employment & Training Faith Golden Sharon Williams
Environment Europa McGovern Nick Hvozda
Environment Europa McGovern Nick Hvozda
County Executive  Marc Rider  Kayleen Scali
Finance Burton Gulnick, Jr.  
Health (see also Mental Health) Katrina Kouhout Thomas Gibney
Human Rights Commission    
Information Services Alan Macaluso Karla Wainright
Insurance Suzanne Lovetre Melissa Mastro
Jail James Kalish Michael Coughlin
Legislature Victoria A. Fabella Jay Mahler
Mental Health Department (see also Health) Janet Knott Kristin Carney
Personnel Dawn Spader James Farina
Planning Marianne Ananew Amanda LaValle
Probation Valerie Naccarato Dana Ryan
Public Defender kayla Wolfrom Joyce Hoetzler
Public Transportation (UCAT) Carol Hargrove Sajaa Ahmed
Public Works (DPW) Don Quesnell Brendan Masterson
Purchasing Ed Jordan Dean Rylewicz
Safety Adam M. Sessler Deborah L. Chartrand
Sheriff's Office Al Saehloff Lt. Det. Abram Markiewicz
Social Services (DSS) Phillip Cataldi, Esq. Stuart Borrero, Esq.
Tourism Nadine Slowik Lias Berger
Veteran Services Agency Kalea Cabrera Michael Jerkowski
Weights & Measures Mike Armstrong James DeGasperis
Youth Bureau Rose DeSanges Myrna Rivera